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Subject:Waive the Second Reading of Ordinance No. 843 Amending the Ordinance Related to Sidewalks, Curbs, and Gutters
Meeting Date:September 3, 2020
From:Marissa Trejo
Prepared by:Larry Miller, Public Works & Utilities Coordinator


Adopt Ordinance No. 843 and direct staff to fully investigate a shared cost program.


On July 16th, staff proposed the adoption of ordinance no. 843 amending chapter 2 title 7 of the Coalinga municipal code relate to sidewalks, crosswalks, curbs, gutters, and driveways. Council stated their concern about passing an ordinance with vague enforcement policies.  Staff now proposes an ordinance simply to clarify what is already stated in California Streets and Highways Code 5610 – 5618 and propose a shared cost program.


To be clear, this ordinance does not change any part of enforcement or policy.  Ordinance No. 843 simply moves California Streets and Highways Code 5610 from State Code to Coalinga Ordinance, and reorganizes what is already there regarding permitting.  This is intended to be an ease of access measure.  In general, people would not consider to lookup local information at a State level.

After discussions with Public Works staff, considerations were made as to the conveyed concerns of City Council.  Staff began to look to other cities policies.  What was found was a “Shared Cost” program tends to be a prevailing ideal.  This program, in short, would subsidize a part of the cost for the homeowner to replace sidewalk abutting their property.  This shared costs, while still needs to be fully investigated, could be as much as fifty percent.  However, some cities limit the cost to a set price per square foot.  This sort of program has two benefits.  Firstly, reduces costs for homeowners to replace sidewalk.  Secondly, ensures that the City has a stake in any enforcement as we would also be paying in part any costs associated with required repair.


Do not pass Ordinance No. 843 and do not direct staff to fully investigate a “Shared Cost” program.

Do not pass Ordinance No. 843 and direct staff to fully investigate a “Shared Cost” program.


Passing Ordinance No. 843 has no fiscal impact itself.  A shared cost program would have fiscal impacts.  However, it should be noted that these impacts would not be associated until a fully investigated program was presented to Council at a later date. 

With limited research, staff believes that a fund of $ 30,000 per year could be allocated to fund such a program.  This would be taken already existing State and grant funds and would generate a renewable source of income for the program each year.

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