Item Coversheet


Subject:2020/2021 COPS Spending Plan
Meeting Date:September 17, 2020
From:Marissa Trejo, City Manager
Prepared by:Darren Blevins, Chief of Police


Staff recommends the Council approve the spending of the COPS for fiscal year 2020 / 2021. 


The State of California has provided Department's throughout California $100,000.00 for particular expenditures that serve or assist front line law enforcement. This funding requires the Department's proposed expenditures be approved by the City Council at a public meeting.


The police department receives funding each year from the State of California in the sum of $100,000.00.  The Coalinga Police Department's COPS fund balance is currently at $220,272.00 and will be receiving an additional 100,000.00 this fiscal year.


Below is a list of equipment the department would like to purchase with this funding this year;


Year 2020/2021


1. Lease payment on Patrol Cars: $50,799.00


2. Fund half of a police officer position for the first 2 years: $49,000.00 (Approved by Council Feb. 6, 2020)


3. Evidence Audit: $24,000.00 (Approved by council Aug. 20, 2020)


4. Payment for new department weapons: $9,039.46 (Approve by council Feb. 6, 2020). 


Additional items:


5. 20 Taser's with a 5 year lease: $13,578.29 (yr 2,3,4,5 $15,692.40)


The department's Taser's have reached their end of life and need to be replaced.  TASER International has been contacted and has provided police department a quote with the option to purchase or lease. 


6.  20 Axon Body cameras with a 5yr Lease: $22,323.90 (at years 2.5 and 5 department will rotate out their current body cameras and will be given new body cameras at no additional cost). 


The Chief has elected to obtain equipment that attaches to the officers taser and  gun holster as well as an in car activation sensor, that will automatically activate the officer's body camera and alert Admin staff when the officer's taser or side arm is fired.  Once admin is notified they will have the ability to actively view the officers body cam video live as the incident is going on.  Equipment  will be added to the officers vehicle light control box in their patrol cars that will activate the body camera as soon as the emergency lights are activated.  


7. 3 Getac mobile computers: $6,586.94.


8. Medical Kits for the officers patrol cars: $2,000.00


9. Replace 6 department computers including dispatch computers: up to $15,000.00


I have included the attached excel spreadsheet for the police department's spending outline for the next 5 years.  Additional equipment may be purchased during this time frame, however the department will bring their request before the council prior to any additional purchases. 


Council could not approve the spending plan, or direct the Police Department to develop a different Spending Plan.


There is no fiscal impact to the general fund for any of the above purchases.  All funding will come form the department's COPS Grant.


File NameDescription
COPS_Spending_Plan_(1).pdfCOPS Projected 5 Yr spending plan
Coalinga_PD_-_CA_-_T7_Cert_(20).pdfTaser Quote
Coalinga_PD_-_BWC_Quote_v.3_(TAP).pdfBody Camera Quote
NAG_Industries_Med_Kits_Quote.pdfMedical Kits Quote