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Subject:Authorize Public Works to Purchase Solar Lighting from Solar One for the Wastewater Plant and Jayne Ave Lift Station
Meeting Date:August 20, 2020
From:Marissa Trejo, City Manager
Prepared by:Larry Miller, Public Works and Utilities Coordinator


The Public Works Department recommends the City Council approve this request and allow the department to purchase up to 22 solar powered lights for the wastewater plant and 1 solar powered light for the Jayne Avenue lift station in the amount of $66,260. This project is a component of the security and automation project currently under design and expected to bid later this year.


The wastewater facility, located on the north side of Jayne, is in a remote location.  Security is a major concern at this location.  The Jayne Avenue lift station, located between Merced Avenue and Willowsprings on the South side of Jayne, is also poorly lit and suffers from many of the same vulnerabilities.


Within the past few years, the wastewater facility has been broken into, had property stolen, and vandalized numerous times. Quotes were sought out by 3 different vendors.  Of those, Solar One offered the lowest bid and best product.  Those bid amounts can be seen here:


Solar One:           $ 66,260.00

Greenshine:       $ 78.484.00

Sepco:                  $124,876.00



Solar One not only had the best offer, but as part of sale, an additional light would be provided for no cost.  Staff determined that the best location for this additional light would be at the Jayne Avenue lift station.  This quote does not reflect installation cost.  However, installation will be completed by Public Works staff.  As the nature of solar installations greatly simplifies project materials and labor required.


Each pole, provided by Solar One, would produce nearly 3800 lumens, would be fully self-contained regarding power production, and have a 10-year lifespan on the batteries.  This is in comparison to an average of 5-year lifespans for lights offered by their competitors.  The product datasheet is attached (Solar One Light Pole Datasheet.pdf).


Do not authorize the purchase of the lighting. – Not Recommended.


The amount of $66,260.00 will be funded entirely through the Sewer Enterprise Capital Fund that presently has sufficient funds. Once authorized, the Finance Department will create an account number in the wastewater plant capital fund. Staff time and material cost will come from the FY21 operating budget. 

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SolarOne_Light_Pole_Datasheet.pdfSolar Lighting Pole Datasheet
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