Item Coversheet


Subject:Consideration of a Bid Award for the Hydraulic Control Structure Improvements at the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Re-Bid Project No. 2786
Meeting Date:March 19, 2020
From:Marissa Trejo, City Manager
Prepared by:Sean Brewer, Assistant City Manager


Council Action:


  • Award a contract in the amount of $234,000.00 to Euro Style Management, 3600 Madison Ave., #51B, N. Highlands, CA 95660 for Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Improvements (Hydraulic Control Structures), Re-Bid, Project No. 2786. It is also recommended that a contingency of 10% ($23,400.00) be included in the Council action to cover any unforeseen incidentals for a total construction contract authorization amount of $257,400.00.


  • Authorize the City Manager to execute a task order with the City Engineer to provide construction engineering support services for the above project in an amount not to exceed $11,700.00.


  • Authorize the City Manager to execute a rental quotation from rain for rent in the amount not to exceed $13,548.22 to provide the bypass of the existing 18", 10" and 6" sanitary sewer lines during construction. 


In July 2018, the Coalinga City Council directed staff to prepare engineering plans and specifications and authorized a call for bids for the WWTP Improvements Re-Bid, Project No. 2786.  The major work consists of applying a protective coating two (2) hydraulic control structures at the WWTP located on 30500 Jayne Ave.


City Staff received and opened two bids for this project on February 27, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. Euro Style Management, Inc., was the apparent low bidder with a total bid proposal of $234,000.00. The Engineer’s Estimate was $190,000.00.   The entire bid is included as Attachment “A” and Attachment “B”. Euro Style Management, Inc. has furnished the required bid bond.  If the City Council decides to award the project to Euro Style Management, Inc., and the “Notice to Proceed” is issued, the contractor will have 60 working days to complete the work. The following is a tentative schedule:


Award of Contract:                             March 23, 2020

Start of Construction:                         April 6, 2020

Completion of Construction:              July 1, 2020


Coalinga City Council to award the contract and authorize the Mayor and City Clerk to execute the Public Works Agreement in the amount of $234,000.00 plus a contingency amount of $23,400.00 for a total authorized amount for this project of $257,400.00.


The alternative to this council action would be to reject all bids.  If all bids are rejected, the City would have to re-advertise or cancel the project. Staff believes that re-advertising the project will not result in lower bids.


The contract amount of $234,000.00 with an additional 10% contingency of $23,400.00 for a total of $257,400.00, City Engineer task order in the amount of $11,700 and Rain for Rent quote in the amount of $13,548.22 will be funded by Sewer Enterprise Bond Funds.


The total authorized budget for this project is $282,648.22 There will be no fiscal impact to the General Fund.

File NameDescription
TCE_Task_Order_Construction_Engineering_WWTP_Rehab.pdfTCE Task Order CE - WWTP
Rain_for_Rent_Quote_-_Bypass_Services_031920.pdfRain for Rent Quote - Bypass Services
2786_Bid_Summary_-_3rd.pdfBid Summary
2786_Bid_Results.pdfBid Results