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Subject:Review and Approval of an Expanded Scope and Updated Budget to the Sunset Street Rehabilitation Phase 1 Project and Further Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Amended City Engineering Task Orders for Design Services and Construction Engineering
Meeting Date:March 5, 2020
From:Marissa Trejo, City Manager
Prepared by:Sean Brewer, Assistant City Manager


Council Review and Approval of an Expanded Scope and Updated Budget for the Sunset Street Rehabilitation Project and Further Authorizing the City Manager to Execute Amended City Engineering Task Orders for Design Services and Construction Engineering.


The City Council identified the first phase of the Sunset Street Rehabilitation Project undertaken with SB1 funds from fiscal year 18/19 and 19/20 proceeds in addition to the use of $500,000 in STBG lifeline funds for a project budget of $820,000 and a scope spanning from Polk Street to Monroe/Cedar Ave.


During the course of design and several field reviews, staff, in conjunction with the City Engineer is recommending an expanded scope of work to include additional blocks, including some necessary storm drain improvements. Staff expects to use the City's fiscal year 20/21 SB1 funding allocation. 


The new scope of work for this project will expand the limits of the project to seven blocks of Sunset beginning at Polk Street and extending to Washington/Van Ness. The City Engineer is also designing an island at the corner of Jefferson and Birch.  


Work under this project would include demolition of existing improvements, clearing and grubbing, sawcutting, pulverization of existing AC pavement, grading base material, installation of curb and gutter, sidewalk, curb ramps, alley approaches, driveway approaches, valley gutter, median island, A.C. pavement, aggregate base, street lights, street trees, traffic striping, traffic signage, existing utility lid adjustment and construction surveying.


The budget for the updated scope of work is estimated at $1.45 Million. A copy of a preliminary cost estimate has been attached for the Councils review. 


Due to the expanded scope and budget increase, staff needs to update the City Engineers preliminary design engineering and construction engineering task orders in order to continue with the finalization of the plans. The updated design engineering task order will not exceed $182,200 and the construction engineering task order shall not exceed $62,000. This is all inclusive and not in addition to previously approved tasked orders. These new task orders will supercede previously approved task orders. 


  • Do not approve the budget re-appropriation as requested by Staff and proceed with the project as originally approved in the budget - this is not recommended


If the budget re-appropriation is approved, the funds originally approved by the City Council for Sunset Street would be amended to be as follows:


Sunset Street Budget (Amended)

SB1 Funds:                     $983,438 (FY19, FY20, FY21)

Storm Drain Impact Fee: $40,700

STBG Lifeline Funds:      $500,000 (STBG Lifeline)

Total:                                $1,524,138

File NameDescription
Updated_Task_Order_PE_2-2020.pdfDesign Engineering Task Order (Sunset)
Updated_Task_Order_CE_2-20-2020.pdfConstruction Engineering Task Order (Sunset)
2772_Sunset_Avenue_Reconstruction_Cost_Estimate_Polk_to_Van_Ness_2-24-2020.pdfUpdated Engineers Cost Estimate
Birch_Ave_Park_Island_Exhibit.pdfBirch Ave - Jefferson Island Exhibit