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Subject:City Council Authorization to the City Manager to Enter Into a Professional Services Agreement with Environmental Permitting Specialist (EPS) to Prepare a Risk Management Program and Process Safety Management Program for the City of Coalinga Water Treatment Plant
Meeting Date:August 15, 2019
From:Marissa Trejo, City Manager
Prepared by:Sean Brewer, Community Development Director


Staff recommends the CIty Council authorize the City Manager to enter into a professional services agreement with environmental permitting specialist (EPS) to prepare a risk management program (RMP) and process safety management (PSM) program for the City of Coalinga Water Treatment Plant.


The City maintains up to four (4) tons of chlorine at the water treatment plant (WTP) which triggers state and federal oversight and subjects the City to implementing mandatory programs such as the Hazardous Material Program, Risk Management Program and a process Safety Management Program. During PARSAC's annual risk assessment visit earlier this year, one of the findings was that the City did not have any of these programs in place and needed to address this issue as soon as possible due to the continued storage of chlorine at particular thresholds.  


The CERS program is an outgrowth of the Hazardous Materials Business Plan which was required in 1986. CERS online reporting replaced paper Hazardous Materials Business Plan submissions when it became mandatory in 2013.

In terms of program development, the CERS reporting system is its own entity. Its development is separate from the other programs. The RMP and PSM programs, however, are highly interrelated. The basic difference between RMP and PSM programs is that the RMP program is an EPA - CalEPA program that concentrates on minimizing damage to the environment and the surrounding population. PSM is an OSHA - Cal/OSHA program the deals solely with employee health and safety. The RMP and PSM programs are similar enough in nature and in the elements required, that one program element can usually be applied to all three programs (PSM and Federal and California RMP).


The proposal from EPS is attached to this report identifies the scope of work needed to be completed in order for the City to become in compliance with the State and Federal Government as it relates to the storage of the chlorine at the water treatment plant. This includes completing both the Risk Management Plan and Process Safety Plan, in addition to participating in the California Environmental Reporting System (CERS).  


None - these are mandatory programs that the City must complete and maintain in order to stay within State and Federal compliance for the storage of hazardous materials. 


According to the proposals estimated budget for program development is $28,959. Due to some uncertainties such as county requirements and limited understanding of the water plant staff is requesting additional contingency for unforeseen expenses for a not to exceed contract in the amount of $35,000. This will be budgeted from the water treatment plan professional services account: 501-503-88100. There is sufficient funds budgeted to cover this expense.  
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