Item Coversheet


Subject:Authorize Purchase of Gurneys and Loading Mechanisms for Ambulances
Meeting Date:August 1, 2019
From:Marissa Trejo, City Manager
Prepared by:Dwayne Gabriel, Fire Chief


Chief Gabriel recommends approving the purchase of Styker Gurneys and Power Load mechanisms for the new ambulances, and upgrading the loading mechanisms on the two ambulances purchased in 2016.


The fire department previously had included these items in the purchase of a new ambulance.  Last December, we secured pricing on an upgraded loading mechanism called Power Load, as well as the Stryker gurney’s we currently use.


The fire department currently uses a Stryker Performance Load, which requires the crews to lift and support the foot end of the gurney, and push it into the ambulance.  It requires two people to complete loading.  The main benefit of this mechanism is it meets DOT Rollover Standards.


The new Power Load mechanism has the ability to lift the gurney with a patient, up to a capacity of 800 pounds.  This will eliminate the need for the crews lifting, and will decrease the possibility of back injuries occurring.  Loading can also be accomplished with one person.


For the two new ambulances, we will be purchasing a new gurney and a power load for each, at a cost of 71,567.38.  This price includes trading in two previous gurneys which have exceeded their lifespan, and can no longer be maintained.


For the existing two ambulances, we will be replacing the performance load they currently have with the new power loads.  The gurneys will require a small modification on the front wheels to allow them to operate with the new loading mechanism.  The cost of this upgrade is 44,827.08.


This equipment has a lot of moving parts. The maintenance agreement for the four gurneys and four loading mechanisms for 7 years is 51,636.00.  This covers all labor, travel, repairs, batteries, and preventative maintenance annually for each piece of equipment.  We currently have preventative maintenance only on an annual basis.  This would lock in the pricing for the minimum FDA required life of the equipment.


  1. Purchase the equipment for the new ambulances, but not upgrade the older ambulances.


The cost of purchasing this equipment is $ 168,030.46, and can be paid from IGT funds we have available.  The purchase would have no impact on the current adopted budget or the General Fund.

File NameDescription
Coalinga_Fire_Dept_new_Power_LOAD_quote_12.13.18.pdfStryker Quote for New Ambulances
Coalinga_Fire_Dept_upgrade_Power_LOAD_quote_12.13.18.pdfStryker Quote for Upgrading Ambulances
Coalinga_Fire_Dept_Procare_quote_12.13.18.pdfStryker Quote for Maintenace Agreement