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Subject:Approval of Resolution No. 3895 - Unanticipated Revenue from Coalinga PD K-9 Supporters, The National Police Dog Foundationa And the Community Scholorship Alliance, For a Police K-9 To Be Used By The Police Department
Meeting Date:May 2, 2019
From:Marissa Trejo, Citry Manager
Prepared by:Darren Blevins, (I) Cheif of Police


Request Council approve Resolution No. 3895 of Unanticipated revenue form the Coalinga PD K-9 Supporters to fund a police K-9 for the police department


In May 2018, the Coalinga PD K-9 Supporters were formed with the idea of raising funds from donations from the community to support and fund a police K-9 Unit for the Coalinga Police Department.  Over the past year this group has raised money through fundraising and individual as well as corporate donations.


The Coalinga PD K-9 Supporters are requesting the City accept a monetary  donation of approximately $31,137.85 to be used for the purchase and yearly maintenance cost of a police K-9.


As some of the residents may remember in, 1996 the citizens of Coalinga formed the a group called Friend of Coalinga K-9 and fundraised through community yard sales and donations from local citizens and business for the purchase of two police K-9's. The police department first two K-9's were Beau and Oden who  worked with their partners Officer Dana Lee and Officer Brad Dorr.  After the officers departure, the police department purchased a third K-9 named Dax.   Dax was with the department for 5 years until he retied at which time K-9 Seven was donated to the department and worked for 3 years until the program was shut down due to funding.


The Coalinga PD K-9 Supporters have raised approximately $28,137.85, towards the purchase of the police K-9 and for their training. The department also received $2,500 grant from the National Police Dog Foundation to assist in the purchase of the animal and $500.00 from the Community Scholarship Alliance to go towards the handler and K-9 training.


The Coalinga PD K-9 Supporters had a fundraiser on April 26, 2019, and I will be informed of the additional amount raised, which will require an amendment to Resolution 3895.


The council can deny the request to receive the funds at which the Coalinga PD K-9 Supporters would loose the money raised and would have to give the money raised to the National Police Dog Foundation.   


None. The funding for this program will be raised through community fundraising and donations. No funds will be used from the general fund for the addition to the police department except for the Officer's basic and overtime salary.
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