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Subject:Approval of Resolution No. 3891 Authorizing the Submission of the 2018 General Plan Progress Report and Housing Report to the Governor's Office of Planning and Research in Accordance with Government Code Section 65400(b)(1)
Meeting Date:March 21, 2019
From:Marissa Trejo, City Manager
Prepared by:Sean Brewer, Community Development Director


Community Development Director recommends City Council approve Resolution No. 3891 accepting the attached 2018 General Plan and Housing Annual Progress Report and direct staff to submit the report to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research and the Housing Community Development Department in accordance with Government Code Section 65400(b)(1).


Government Code Section 65400(b)(1) mandates that all cities and counties submit to their legislative bodies an annual report on the status of the general plan and progress in its implementation (the “Progress Report”). A copy of this Progress Report must also be sent to the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research (OPR) and the Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD). 


The intent of this statute is to ensure that the general plan directs all land use decisions and remains an effective guide for future development. Because the role of the general plan is to act as a “constitution” for the long-term physical development of a community and because it is required to be updated periodically to reflect current circumstances, it is critical that local planning agencies periodically review the general plan and its implementation. The Progress Report is a tool for monitoring this.


The Progress Report is useful to OPR in a number of ways. The report provides information that allows OPR to monitor local planning activities and to identify trends in land use planning and decision making throughout the State of California. This information is critical to OPR to serve in its capacity as the statewide planning agency.


The attached General Plan Annual Progress Report have been prepared in accordance with the suggested Guidelines issued by the Office of Planning and Research.


On March 12, 2019, at their regularly scheduled meeting, the Planning Commission motioned and voted in favor of recommending that the City Council accept and direct staff to submit the 2018 General Plan Annual Progress Report to Governor's Office of Planning and Research. 


  • None.  The General Plan Progress Report is required


Failure to submit the General Plan Annual Progress Report to the Office of Planning and Research could limit the City’s ability to apply for and be issued grants and/or funding for projects administered by the State Housing and Community Development Department including but not limited to the Community Development Block Grant Program.

File NameDescription
General_Plan_Annual_Progress_Report_2018.doc2018 General Plan Progress Report
RESO#3891_2018_General_Plan_Progress_Report_032119.pdf2018 General Plan Progress Report Resolution 3891